• Aurélio Fernandes

A look on urban mobility

Cities are hosting silent discussions concerning our transport needs. Discussions about how we expect to arrive at our daily destinations timely and related itineraries, our perception of time and the weariness resulting from these itineraries. A discussion that starts with the selection of the types of transport available in the city and how long we will be en route to our destination.

With what level of comfort and safety will we arrive at our destination?. How fast and reliable are the types of transport and their integration levels? What is the resulting financial impact from my choices?

Will we start by bus and then move to Subway and/or monorail, will we have a supplementary itinerary by bike or scooter?

How many variables do we need to take into account to arrive at our destination with maximum comfort and minimum risk, on time for our commitments or our leisure?

One more solution must be taken into consideration in the near future: the Light Rail Vehicle, known as Veiculo Leve sobre Trilhos – VLT, already considered as a transport means capable of transforming the city.

Recently, Backroom attended a Workshop at FIESP facilities. The Workshop was organized by the main class entities in the Metro-Railway segment - ABIFER/SIMEFRE/AEAMESP/ALAF/ANPTRilhos.

This event was considered as an essential discussion forum for the sustainable development of cities when urban mobility is considered. Likewise, a discussion on this subject has a direct impact on our level of awareness that we must have as citizens and professionals in this segment as regards its capacity for playing an influence on the sustainable growth and development of cities and their inhabitants.

Below are two examples in Brazil

Impacts perceived when analyzing this type of rail transport. Revitalizes areas, integrates districts with the central area.

Interconnects the transport hubs of the cities, brings tourist sites closer to people, seeking to combine both current and estimated future large high flow of people in the regions that define the cities; connect the internal flow to the region. Be in consistency and balance with the urban, occupation and transport projects, giving due regard to the positive impacts to the environment.

Backroom invites all to ponder about these considerations, without being restricted to technical aspects.

For the nostalgic ones, how many of us in the recent past moved around without knowing that we were being transported by a means which was already a solution and success in city transport?

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