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Backroom has been serving the market for 10 years, adding Value to Clients thanks to a team of professionals who acquired experience working for multinational companies both in the Brazilian and in the foreign markets.

We started our activities to meet    the market demand for development of suppliers,  certifications, procurements, due diligences and contract management.


The broad knowledge of our team and the constant quest for new businesses led us to focus on the development of international business partnerships.


Currently we are also engaged in two new business lines:

Represent foreign companies, enabling them to develop Sales in Brazil.  Support in the internationalization of Brazilian companies, developing new technology partnerships with foreign manufacturers.

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Offer excellence solutions in commercial area, with a priority  in customized services through the supply of quality  solutions, always seeking client’s satisfaction.


Client’s satisfaction, continuous qualification of the team and  renowned partnerships ensuring a sustainable market  participation.


Ethics, work, responsibility,  transparency, combined with  confidence and determination are the values that drive our  growth and make us reliable to our clients and partners.


- Executives with a network in more than 1,000 leading companies  in their market segments in our group of associates.


- A team of specialists experienced in structuring  and developing businesses in several sectors.

Experts in the structuring of relationships with  stakeholders under the technical, commercial  and partnership generation standpoint.


- Deep knowledge of Sourcing, Procurement, Partnerships,  Loss Prevention, Compliance techniques.


Technology industry, with a focus on: Medical-Hospital Equipment, Pharmaceutical (Human and Veterinary), Motors and Generators, Wind and Hydraulic  Energy Generation, Metal and Mechanical, Pipelines, Mining Companies, Civil Construction, Subways and Railways.


- We are your partner in the expansion of Sales  opportunities.


- Strong NetWork, deep knowledge of the  Market, Commercial and Technical Capacity  Structure prepared to identify and qualify  

clients/partners needing your products.


- Experience in the negotiation, contracting,  management, sales and aftersales..